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Technology Acceptable Use Policy

The Purpose of this policy is to guide students in the appropriate use of computer equipment and networks accessed through school systems.

Students (hereafter referred to as “user(s)”) will behave responsibly and ethically in the defined ways:

Computer/Internet Use:

The Dunklin R-5 School District attempts to provide computer and/or media equipment for use by students and patrons. Equipment users are asked to exercise sound judgment and care and to remember that equipment is provided for the express purpose of education.

Students and staff (hereafter referred to as “user(s)”) will behave responsibly and ethically in the following ways:

• Users will not intentionally harm computer resources of the district, either through physical damage, deleting, renaming, or moving software files belonging to others.
• Users will not share passwords with others.
• Users will not use another’s login password.
• Users will not attempt to determine the password of another user.
• Users will not give personal information over the Internet.
• Users will not use school equipment for monetary profit.
• Users will follow accepted behavior (netiquette) when using network resources.
• Users will follow copyright laws.
• Users shall not use district equipment, networks, or access to the internet to communicate, access, distribute, retrieve, or publish materials that are obscene to minors, libelous, pervasively indecent or vulgar, constitute insulting or fighting words or present a clear and present likelihood that, either because of their content or manner of distribution, will cause a material and substantial disruption of the proper and orderly operation and discipline of the school or school activities or the commission of unlawful acts of the violation of lawful school regulations, as these terms are defined in district policy IGDBA.

Users violating the above guidelines will be subject to disciplinary proceedings, which may include any of the following:
• Conventional discipline (detention, suspensions, expulsion).
• Loss of network access for a period of time.
• Loss of computer use privilege for a period of time.
• Permanent banishment from any use of district computer resources