Baldrige Criteria for Performance Excellence in Continuous Improvement

  • December 8, 2014


    Dear Stakeholder’s of the Dunklin R-V School District,


    In October 2013, the Dunklin R-V Board of Education adopted the Baldrige Criteria for Performance Excellence as a guide to develop a continuous improvement plan for our school district. As part of this process our district embarked on a “Journey to Excellence”. In preparation for this journey, a Show-Me Challenge baseline study was conducted which included interviewing 267 employees. The results of the study identified five major areas of opportunity for improvement. These areas included Organizational Communication, Strategic Planning/Organizational Performance Review, Stakeholder Identification, Workforce engagement, and Operation Focus. In addition to the above-mentioned areas, a key opportunity for improvement is for our district to change from using the framework of a Comprehensive School Improvement Plan (CSIP) to a more robust Strategic Plan. 


    In the fall of 2014, five focus groups were formed and participants, along with an outside facilitator, met to gather information. In addition to the focus groups, two online surveys were also conducted.  The goal of the focus groups as well as the surveys, were to ensure all stakeholders (students, parents, community, and employees) have an opportunity to provide input. The data gathered from the focus groups and the feedback from the surveys have been compiled and analyzed by the administrative team of the Excellence in Missouri Foundation. Dr. Raina Knox, President of the Excellence in Missouri Foundation, is working closely with the strategic planning committees to take those pieces of information arrange them into a customized plan that will result in a successful district strategic plan.


    As with any journey, challenges are to be expected and a journey takes time. The journey of performance improvement we have started is a process that will be implemented over years of continuous improvement. It will require the collaboration of all our stakeholders and a continued commitment to preparing all students of the Dunklin R-V School District the best education possible for whatever they choose for their future. Please visit the districts website for further information and links to the Show Me Challenge Baseline Study and the Feedback Report.


    Stan Stratton

    Dunklin R-V Superintendent