• Bids will be either:
      • E-mailed to Steve Copeland, Director of Maintenance at scopeland@dunklin.k12.mo.us
      • or/  Sealed and dropped off at the Central Office with Surplus Bid: ℅ Steve Copeland on the envelope.
    • Bids will include:
      • Your name and contact information, including your phone number.
      • The item or items of interest.
      • The bid amount on each item.

    The highest bidder will be notified when the auction is closed.  They will then have 2 days to make payment to the central office.  Arrangements will be made with the Director of Maintenance and items must be picked up within 5 days of payment.  Any questions regarding the items for bid can be directed to:

    Steve Copeland, Director of Maintenance


    636-479-5200 ext:1020


  • We have gym lockers and wrestling mats.  The bids are due June 11, 2021, at 1 pm.  The deadline to pick up the items is June 18th at 1 pm.

    We have 3 blocks of lockers.  Each one measures 4'11' wide and 6' tall.  The smaller cubbies are 10"x10". 


    locker 2 

    We also have 3 wrestling mats that are about 14' long.